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About Us  
About Us

Dewcrest Insurance was established in 2003, to accommodate the needs of a growing region and provide the expertise in risk management and financial services. With the gained confidence of our customers Dewcrest has prospered to become a leading market force.

Today, after more than three decades of experience and expansion, the company has its rightful place as one of the leading composite Insurance companies in the United Kingdom. Dewcrest provides a complete range of life and general insurance products and services. The same skills and philosophy that built Dewcrest's reputation remain in place backed by a continuing commitment to excellence, and providing clients with the highest quality of service. Its team of insurance professionals design competent insurance portfolios to meet the specific needs of clients, whether they are individuals, corporations, or government bodies.

Dewcrest Security

The security offered by an Insurance Company goes far beyond what is written in the policy document. The quality and strength of reinsurance back up is vital. Top class reinsures of world repute that provides the highest standard of security to insurers leads Dewcrest Reinsurance Treaties. Dewcrest Policies thus give you security and peace of mind.

Dewcrest Services

Through its extensive network of branches all over the United Kingdom, Dewcrest is capable of reaching its clients more effectively. Through the company's team of well-trained field staff assisted by professionally qualified technical support, Dewcrest provides prompt, quality service to its clientele - both individual and institutional.

State of the art technology

State of the art technology strengthens the structure of professionalism that Dewcrest has established. Leading edge capabilities and continuously enhancing Information Systems & Communications to stay abreast of the latest technology to serve our customers' needs, is a top priority at Dewcrest. An outstanding example of this is the on line service network between Dewcrest branches, located all over the United Kingdom., and the Head Office.

Our commitment to the future, via technology and service, is a commitment to our customers.


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